Detective Couple


Genre: Drama (Love Comedy)

11x 30’

-A police lady who is called as “the Iron Lady” has a secret. –

“Keiko Kyodo” is a super detective woman with intelligence and a great figure.

Not only suspects but also the other detectives shrivel up at the touch of her hard, icy eyes and her razor tongue. She has excellent intuition. Because of her high arrest rate and her ruthless investigation style, people call her “the Iron Lady”!

However, once Keiko goes home, she suddenly changes.

She is affectionate with her cute, younger husband, “Shintaro”, at home. Shintaro is a free illustrator and he does housework. 

Keiko sometimes has a talk with Shintaro at dinner about cases once they go cold. Despite the difficulty of solving the cases, he gives her brilliant insights into the case. Based on his tips, Keiko is able to solve the cases.

Contact information:

Ayako Ito – Contents Business Division, International Sales Chief, Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Office

T: +81-3-3571-7185


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