Boarding House 2


Genre: Drama/Format 

10x 30’

A girl, Nozomi, and a boy, Keita who both are eager to have a food truck happen to know that they paid for the same car and it was a scam from the used car dealer. The swindler has just run away leaving the car at the used dealer shop. Both insist of owning it. Especially Nozomi spent all her saving on it and she cleared out of her residence deciding to live in the car. Keita feels a little sorry, and he takes her to the boarding house he runs which called “Makanai-Kan”.

There again, neither Nozomi nor Keita make a concession. Nozomi tries to run away grabbing the key of the food car. Keita chases her but he has a sudden back pain making him unmovable.

Now Nozomi feels responsible for that, so she replaces his role by making a meal for the boarding residents that day. They wonder about this stranger at first, however, when starting to eat her meals. They cannot stop eating!

The next day Keita suggests to Nozomi to share the use of the food truck which is vital for both. Meeting the residents’ approval, Nozomi starts an unconventional cohabitation at “Makanai-kan”.

Contact information:

Ayako Ito – Contents Business Division, International Sales Chief, Nagoya Broadcasting Network Co.,Ltd. Tokyo Office

T: +81-3-3571-7185


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