Boarding House 1


Genre: Drama/Format (Human)

10x 30’

~A 60 year-old house, with a shared bath and toilet, serving communal meals for the lodgers~

In “Makanai-sou” which is boarding house with 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner), a variety of residents from young to old live together.

Ryo is invited as a chef and she matures into an adult by cooking for residents.

Ryo who aims to be an Italian chef get conned by a bad guy and now has lots of debt.

She comes to “Makanai-sou” as a chef. Her older sister, Kyoko is the building manager of “Makanai-sou” and does the cleaning, laundry and other household tasks except cooking.

Their father disappeared when they were children and their mother died of worry. Since Kyoko seeks a happy family life where everyone eats together, she opens “Makanai-sou” and Ryo wants to be a chef in order to let people eat together with joy. Though their goals are different, the sisters live together again after 15 years.

Contact information:

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T: +81-3-3571-7185


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