44 Cats


Genre: comedy, CGI animation

Format: 2 TV series – 104 eps x c. 13’

Target: kids 3-6 yo

Year: 2020


44 Cats follows the daily adventures of Lampo, Milady, Pilou, and Meatball – four super cute cats who form a music band called The Buffycats. The protagonists live with the lovely Granny Pina and face pawesome daily missions to help their friends in need. Produced in collaboration with Antoniano Bologna, the show promotes positive attitudes and conveys educational messages dealing with themes like solidarity in a comedy key.

Available in Russian language (dubbed)

Link English trailer:

Link clip in Russian:

Contact information:

silvia.quintili@rbw.it – Content sales manager

andrea.graciotti@rbw.it – Head of Sales, TV series, Movies & Co-productions 

simone.borgarelli@rbw.it – Content & Publishing sales executive

Yana.savelyeva@rbw.it –  Marketing Executive

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