“Dimash Show” – documentary series about Dimash Kudaibergen’s life and work


А cycle of 3 three documentary films, about Dimash Kudaibergen – the worldwide award-winning singer, songwriter, and a multi-instrumentalist, each of which is a separate finished documentary with its own storyline in an originally presented format. Both Kazakh and English versions are original scripts directly adapted to their language audience:

«Dimash Show. Stanovleniye» (in Russian language)

«Dimash Show. Samgau» (in Kazakh language)

«Dimash Show. Rising» (in English language)

Reality show format where Dimash himself shares his memories about his life and becoming who he is. Dimash tells about his first big shows, his fears and his sources of strength. Every stage of his career is represented: how he becomes a top global star from just being a little singing boy from Kazakhstan.

«Dimash Show. Okruzheniye» (in Russian language)

«Dimash Show. Zhanashyr» (in Kazakh language)

«Dimash Show. Entourage» (in English language)

The documentary includes Dimash’s classmates’ and teacher’s school stories, his colleagues’ memories about him. They will tell how they got into Dimash’s inner circle and reveal the details of his life, the information that is closed for the general public. In this film, a comparative analogy is made between the sacred metal for the Turks nation – silver and the personal qualities of Dimash that got him to where he is right now.

«Dimash Show. Vdohnoveniye» (in Russian language)

«Dimash Show. Shabyt» (in Kazakh language)

«Dimash Show. Inspiration» (in English language)

In the documentary, the masters of show-business get to share their opinions and make their own predictions on Dimash’s future career development. This is a soul warming yet motivating documentary on how dreams come true.


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Aryngazy Karina

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