Zodiac Warriors


One day, a millennium demon king revived who was sealed by God of Light, which released a large number of lurking demons into the fairy tale world. In order to save the fairy tale world, God of Light sent the dragon man leading the twelve Zodiac warriors to save and keep the world peace. However, the guardian, twelve animals have to rely on the the power of the Savior of fairy tales to give their strengths. So, the Dragon man led the guardian of the soldiers went to the human world to find him …

22’ x 52

Action, Adventure



Aitor García – CEO / Acquisitions & Sales Director, Arait Multimedia, S.A.

Email: aitor@araitmultimedia.es

Phone: +34678717677

Aidana Kasymbaeva – Sales Executive, Arait Multimedia, S.A.

Email: aidana@araitmultimedia.es

Phone:  +77072918369


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