The Law of Revenge (Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin)


The lives of two best friends, a loving mother, a faithful husband, a daughter and a changeling intertwine in a tale of love, betrayal, rivalry, and revenge.

The story begins on the day before Ellice Ceñidoza (Iza Calzado) flies to the USA for her MBA. She accidentally kills the son of an influential and affluent Congressman, Victor Montelibano who attempts to rape her. Marissa Pineda (Jodi Sta. Marisa), Ellice’s best friend, takes the blame as Ellice’s father had offered her in exchange for 10 million pesos and a promise that she is not to spend a day in jail. Unfortunately, the Congressman uses his power and influence and manages to have Marissa incarcerated and takes down Jorge’s business. Unknown to Ellice, Marissa suffers many years in jail. Marissa feels she was abandoned by Ellice and Jorge and vows to seek revenge.

But amidst the hateful chaos, love grows between their children Hope and Jake that no matter how their parents fight to keep them apart, they vow to fight for their love. Can this love break the cycle of revenge and wash away sins committed in the past? Or will lives be sacrificed in order to bring about genuine forgiveness?

Action, Drama, Series

Approx. 45eps x 45’

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