One night, in a beautiful and peaceful seaside village, Nuri’s mother leaves right after giving him a necklace. Accidentally, he discovers the magical power of the necklace, it contains his mother’s secrets. Nuri, and his friends Evie and Bonggoo, find a secret portal connected to where dreams grow, that place is the fantasy land called “Teddy Bear Village” where they have turned into “Teddy bear TRIO” and have magic powers to protect the village. The TRIO begin to fight the witch Isabella, who is stealing children’s dreams and destroying the village. They are also trying to rescue Nuri’s mother who is trapped into a magic frame by Isabella. In each episode, they made DIY weapons and items and get into many fantastic adventures.

TV Series / Fantasy Adventure / ©TTR

S1: 11’ x 26 / S2: 11’ x 26 (2020)




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