RRPP (Submerso)


This Argentinian-Brazilian co-production narrates the story of Gabriel Fontán, a public relations assistant who is arranging an event to promote his best friendʼs brand, who is the famous ex-surfer and several times world champion Nando Oliveira.

Gabriel doesnʼt know that this event is going to be used as an excuse for drugs traficking  between Brazil and Argentina.

An stranger blackmails Gabriel. He is forced, under threat of being report to autorities, to give information about Nando. Itʼs then when he discovers his friendʼs real business.

Circumstances become even more complicated when, once they arrive to Argentina, DEA agents, Brazilian hitmans, crooked cops and local Intelligence Administration get involved.

13×50’ / 8K

RRPP (Submerso)_Tr:  https://vimeo.com/334390903

RRPP (Submerso)_Eps:  

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