Monster Hunter Stories Ride On


“Monster Hunter Stories” is the latest installment in the immensely popular “Monster Hunter” game series that reached an impressive 36 million in the total number of sales. “Monster Hunter Stories” is the first role-playing game (RPG) in the series and is now being brought to you as an anime television series called “Monster Hunter Stories Ride On”.

In a world where hunters live chasing after monsters, there is a group of Monster Riders who build bonds with monsters and live with them in harmony. Each rider has a “Kinship stone” that lets him awaken the powers of the monster called “Monstie” that he bonds with.

Lute is a boy living in a village of riders who dream of becoming the world’s greatest Monster Rider. Now Lute has reached his 12th birthday and a ritual will be held where he will make his debut as a Monster Rider.

This is the story of Lute, who departs from the village of riders with his childhood friends Cheval and Lilia and his partner Navirou to travel through the wondrous and expansive world and grow through his bond with Otomon.

The Great adventure of the riders and Monsties has begun!

S1: 23’ x 48 / S2: 23’ x 27



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