Mea Culpa


After passing the bar exams necessary to become full-ledged lawyers, six friends -Juris, Drei, Gaylord, Greco, Lolita, and Bogs- go on a road trip to celebrate their success.

But as the blaze and booze on the way, their joyride soon turns into a homicide when they accidentally run over and kill a woman in cold blood. Fearful of the impact the incident will have on their respective futures, they all decide to bury the body and keep it secret forever.

Further complications matters however, is the fact that the deceased was holding a baby. Plagued by guilt, Juris makes the decision to adopt the child and claim her as her own.

Years later, everyone has moved on to lead their own lives. Everyone, except a woman named fina -a determined mother on a mission to find and reunite with her long lost daughter.

Will one woman’s search for justice prevail against a secret kept by multiple people?


40 episodes (approx.) x 45’

MEA CULPA_Tr-Eng.Sub:  


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