Killer Bride


Las Espadas is a superstitious town that has been haunted by the ghost of the Killer Bride for years. Almost all Las Espadas residents have stories of encountering the woman in the bloody wedding dress and veil. They say that the ghost is biding her time to exact revenge on the people who had hurt her in the past. Camila Dela Torre, the Killer Bride, had been a rich heiress imprisoned for the murder of her fiance’s brother. 

She was found beside his dead body in her wedding dress. She had screamed her innocence for everyone to hear but her family and the rest of Las Espadas became deaf to her pleas and she had died in prison in a big fire but not before vowing to come back and exact revenge. She has since then become an urban legend in Las Espadas used to scare kids but there are still those residents who are dreading for the day when her curse begins. Then on the night of a blood moon eclipse, newcomer, Emma, arrives. She gatecrashes a party riding Camila’s old horse and tells everyone that she is Camila. Emma claims that Camila seems to take over her body. She wakes up in the middle of the night standing in the middle of nowhere. She suddenly has dreams and memories that are not hers. She knows so much about Camila and her family. She knows things no one else but Camila should know about. Emma is so convincing that Camila’s grandmother believes her claims, wanting to welcome her to the family as penance for their sins against Camila. 

The whole Las Espadas is agog. Emma could just be a scammer trying to weasel money out of the Dela Torres. But what if her claims are true – that Camila’s spirit possesses her? Could this be the start of Camila’s curse and the fruition of her revenge? It certainly seems so because bodies start dropping in Las Espadas when the Killer Bride stops becoming a ghost and becomes flesh and blood killer.


40 episodes x 45’



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