Box Hero


1000 years ago, the whole planet was a land filled with garbage and then a great explosión erupted. After the explosion, all the living creatures vanished and the new life started to appear, creating a new Eco World.

The Eco World had one language. Both the plants and the animals could freely communicate. It became a beautiful world filled with possibility, understanding, and care until after Devil Dung appeared with a hatred of the Eco-world. He kidnaps the king’s daughter in his Tower of polution and plan to take over the Eco-world.

The world is in peril and her father, the desperate King enlists Box hero to save the princess and return their Eco World to its state of beauty and purity…

52×10’ / 2nd Season coming

Fantasy & Adventure

BOX HERO-Ep.1_Eng.sub:


Aitor García – CEO / Acquisitions & Sales Director, Arait Multimedia, S.A.


Phone: +34678717677

Aidana Kasymbaeva – Sales Executive, Arait Multimedia, S.A.


Phone:  +77072918369

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