Beo n Peno


The fun run happens between an idiosyncratic polar bear, BEO, and PENO, a quirky penguin.

They are friends who never get along with each other. BEO is twice the size of PENO.

He’s sweet but extremely short tempered. PENO on the other hand is a thinker.

Each episode will witness the everyday lives of BEO and PENO with a lot of brawls, pranks, chases and love. Basically pure fun!

It is an animated series of fast paced action, slapstick comedy and adventure for kids of age 4 to 12 years old.


Slapstick Comedy

BEO and PENO_Tr:

BEO and PENO,The TimeMachine_Ep:  


Aitor García – CEO / Acquisitions & Sales Director, Arait Multimedia, S.A.


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Aidana Kasymbaeva – Sales Executive, Arait Multimedia, S.A.


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