Universe Z and Let’s Dance with Universe Z


Genre: Kids Series Animation and Live Action (1st, 2nd and 3rd Seasons –  156×11′) and Musicals Interstitial 2D Animation (156X1’)

“Universe Z” mixes live action and animation to present the adventures of Z (a girl) and two of her friends Taby (a tablet) and Sir PU (a computer). Together they address various issues and challenges in a fun and playful way. They create toys, drawings, musical instruments among other things, with paint, recyclable materials, paper, glue and whatever is available. The show has a lot of music and games. It discusses the issues in children’s lives using new technologies and encourages them to participate in manual activities. It is interactive, full of music, colors, magic, imagination, positive messages and makes learning fun. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Seasons –  156×11′ available now!

“Let’s Dance with Universe Z” is a 2D full animation preschool’s musical interstitial series that features the girl Z and her friends Taby and Sir PU singing a new song each program about various fun themes like dinosaurs, astronauts, friendship, camping, heroes, flu, library, circus, maze, trees, butterflies, airplanes, rainbows, puppy and many others! 156×1’ available now!

See: https://www.druzinacontent.com.br/universe-z

Contact: Luciana Druzina (e-mail: luciana@druzinacontent.com.br /Mobile and whatsapp +55 51 984119771)

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