Genre: Thriller / Drama

Format: 20 x 1h

Language: Spanish

SPITFIRE is a dark thriller shot in the urban and obscure parts off Mallorca, the largest island on the coast of Spain, where an ancient war between old families has resurfaced. The series focuses on a special police unit investigating murders that are ‘copycats’ of crimes that took place during the 17th century between rival families. As the investigation goes on, we discover that these historical similarities are only the tip of the iceberg …
Two police officers, with the help of a forensic and a computer expert, are hunting a horrific murderer who carefully selects his victims: they are always powerful and influential people who are haunted by a dark past.
Filled with unexpected twists and turns, SPITFIRE gruesomely portrays the hidden underside of Mallorca’s industrial world.

Link to the video: https://vimeo.com/294107119


Contact informations:

Sarah Zarka
Sales Manager 

Federation Entertainment www.fedent.com

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