Powder Girls


Genre: Documentary Series (Discovery & Lifestyle) – 13X26′ (Doc Series) + 13X1′ (Virtual Reality)

Two continents, five friends, millions of stories! A series that documents on-snow experiences from a female point of view. Powder Girls is a pun with “power woman”, because the characters are powerful, entrepreneurial, independent, with great personality and they do very well in skiing or at least try. And “powder” is the freshly fallen snow. It is the dream of every experienced skier or snowboarder. The 1st season will be in Japan and Canada, two weeks of skiing, apres-skiing, parties and music. The main tone is not competition, but fun. It is in this atmosphere with people from the most diverse countries, seeking joy and adrenaline, that our protagonists will enjoy an epic experience!

If it’s not fun, it doesn’t matter! The documentary series mixes adventure, fun and spontaneity from the world’s greatest ski seasons. Powder Girls intends to show the reality of those who enjoy and are really present in the world winter sports jetset. What happens when you are skiing and especially when you are not skiing.

Link for teaser: https://vimeo.com/430541446/db44501b67

See more: https://www.druzinacontent.com.br/powder-girls

Contact: Luciana Druzina (e-mail: luciana@druzinacontent.com.br /Mobile and whatsapp +55 51 984119771)

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