Make love, not kids


Genre: Family comedy

Format: 6 x 1h

Language: French

The new family series for France 2 produced by Elephant (Desperate ParentsLe Grand Bazar)

Picture three very different families: Odile & Alexandre, living a quiet life with their three kids; Anissa with her new husband Serge and Clément as the ex-husband, with their ups and downs. Meï and Chang who just arrived from Beijing as political refugees.On the surface they have nothing in common until their kids befriend each other at school. Soon, the adults, who all share the same desire to be loving parents, regardless of life’s unexpected twists can now turn to each other with a sense of humour.  Hard blows, family secrets, an unexpected pregnancy, a coming-out…

A family comedy about real life that everyone will enjoy!

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Contact informations:

Sarah Zarka
Sales Manager
Federation Entertainment

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