Genre: Thriller / Drama

Format: 8 x 1h

Language: Flemish, Dutch, English

On the River Scheldt, a small boat emerges from the mist. It glides noiselessly past enormous tankers and cargo ships heading for the docks. The cabin of the little boat is riddled with bullet holes and its walls are dripping with blood.

The next morning a young girl is wandering around the rough polders of the no man’s land between Belgium and the Netherlands. She is injured and exhausted, and she refuses to talk.

Inspector Tara Dessel is put in charge of the case of the mysterious boat stuck in the mud on the Dutch shore. She is a tough young woman of mixed descent who, after an undercover operation in Rotterdam went off course, has fled to the countryside. On the Belgian side of the river, the charming but distant court psychologist Bert Dewulf is also called to the Borderland. His job is to carry out an in-depth assessment of the confused and traumatized girl’s mental state. Her identity is a mystery, a psychological enigma he must solve.

Their journey will lead them deep into the borderland, where people have had their own way of living for centuries, and their own way of dealing with strangers…

Link to the video: https://vimeo.com/327104239

Contact informations:

Sarah Zarka
Sales Manager 

Federation Entertainment www.fedent.com

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