Esu and the Universe


Genre: Documentary Feature Film (Human Interest & Social Issues)

“Esu and the Universe” is a documentary about the struggle for religious freedom and the influence of the African Yoruba people in Brazil and around the world. Racism and colonialism became systemic issues, and this is more evident than ever in our societies today. We follow the struggle of Prof. King, a Nigerian professor that immigrated to Brazil in the 80s, as he writes a dictionary to correct the “mistakes” colonizers made when translating sacred terms from Yoruba to English – the most appalling example being the translation of “Esu” (an African deity) as the “Devil”. Prof. King and other characters take us on a journey through Nigeria, Brazil and Europe, as we are forced to look deep inside and rethink our racist imaginary and realize how our symbolic forms of representation are still deeply rooted in colonialism.

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Contact: Luciana Druzina (e-mail: /Mobile and whatsapp +55 51 984119771)

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