The Greatest StayAtHome Videos – CBS (1 x 60’)


Genre: Reality

It’s the International Edition of the CBS hit, The Greatest StayAtHome Videos,   featuring the very best viral home video moments created by people all across the globe who provide an entertaining and uplifting snapshot of our world at an unprecedented time…from the humorous to the heartwarming to the most inspirational.

With such crowd-gathering social events as concerts, sports, movie-going and more unavailable at the moment, people have taken to busying themselves through the most unique social media posts you may ever see. “The Greatest StayAtHome Videos” guides viewers through video moments from our international communal quarantine, many which will make viewers smile, sing, laugh and possibly even shed a tear or two.

This special is a true celebration of the human spirit and features the full spectrum of the incredible creativity and ingenuity, as well as our spirit and resilience as a community during this unique moment in time. The screen The Greatest StayAtHome Videos:

Password: greatestshow

Year: 2020

Episode No.: 1

Length: 60’

Format: HD

Target: Family

Language: English


Alfred Haber Distribution, Inc.


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