Shallow Grave – Crime & Investigation UK (9 x 60)


Genre: Reality

SHALLOW GRAVE (8 x 60’) is the gripping reality series produced in the U.K. and U.S. by Hunch Media, the creators of 999: Killer on the Line (Crime & Investigation-UK) and 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover (Investigation Discovery-US).

Each riveting episode features true stories of murders that have been committed “elsewhere,” with the victims’ bodies transported and then left at what investigators call “the deposition site,” or shallow grave. With multiple crime scenes to contend with as well as the unconventional nature of these cases, they are almost impossible to solve using conventional investigative techniques. Told from the perspective of lead investigators, each story follows a trail of clues in a bid to profile the victim and determine the timeline, manner and circumstances of the yet unexplained murder…as well as to catch their killer. All the while, the vivid storytelling – complemented with cinematic re-enactments and reconstruction – creates a murder mystery “whodunit” that is gradually unpeeled as investigators dig for the truth and gather any and all clues from the shallow grave. To screen episodes of SHALLOW GRAVE online, please click here.

Year: 2019

Episode No.: 8

Length: 60’

Format: HD

Target: Adults

Language: English


Alfred Haber Distribution, Inc.


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