Inazuma Eleven


The RAIMON Jr. High soccer team is an unmotivated underdog with only seven players. The team captain, MARK EVANS, tries to motivate the team with his winning spirit and he tries to bring them together.  A once famous goalkeeper, now he is stuck in a rut, with nowhere to use his skills.

A new kid comes to school, AXEL BLAZE. He is a famous striker known for his legendary super shot, “Fire Tornado”. His presence at Raimon brings Mark to try and rebuild the team, by getting Axel to join him, but he refused to play. Axel changes his mind when, from out of nowhere, they receive a request for a match from “Royal Academy”. They must win or the Raymon team will be shut down.

What can captain Mark do?

This is a story about a weak soccer team about to be shut down, battles hard to grow into a team that would even shake up the world! A story about these passionate boys. Football reaches a new dimension! Passionate sport, suspense and mystery! Inazuma Eleven, join the legend!

23’ x 127




Aitor García – CEO / Acquisitions & Sales Director, Arait Multimedia, S.A.


Phone: +34678717677

Aidana Kasymbaeva – Sales Executive, Arait Multimedia, S.A.


Phone:  +77072918369

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