Help! My House Is Haunted – UKTV (12 x 60’)


Genre: Reality

From Zac Bagans, the creator, executive producer and star of GHOST ADVENTURES, the #1 paranormal show in the world, comes the next evolution in paranormal investigation. HELP! MY HOUSE IS HAUNTED (12 x 60) is the spine-tingling series that goes beyond the ghostly activities famously found at historical monuments and tourist attractions, and turns instead to help average families whose homes have shown signs of unexplained supernatural phenomena. Our team of experts – American Chris Fleming, the world-renowned psychic medium who has been at the heart of some of the most important paranormal investigations of recent times; Parisian Sandy Lakdar, the supernatural investigator responsible for the web paranormal series ‘The Believers’; and the U.K.’s  Barri Ghai, founder of The Ghost Finder Paranormal Society in the UK and considered one of the world’s leading paranormal consultants – travels to meet families who recount the chilling events that led to the team being contacted. Once there, the team uses every technique available to them, culled from their years of experience, to find answers that will help families finally reclaim their properties from unwelcome spirits. Episodes are available for screening by clicking here.

Year: 2018

Episode No.: 12

Length: 60’

Format: HD

Target: Adults

Language: English


Alfred Haber Distribution, Inc.


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