The Threshold – Dahleez


Genre : family, legal drama

Based in the capital city of Delhi, they city of power, this is the story of a righteous budding lawyer, Swadheenta and an honest Indian Administrative Service officer, Adarsh. Their love is caught in a power-struggle, the reins of which falls in the hands of Adarsh’s mother who is also Swadheenta’s mentor. The story revolves around Swadeenta who chooses the difficult path of truth, at the cost of forsaking her love and future.

This is a love story which pitches one’s loyalty towards their family against their loyalty towards the country. The first part of the series sees how the love story of Swadheenta and Adarsh unfolds. How he is sure of his love for her and she prefers to go for her career and has no time for love.

It is almost when she loses him and he is about to marry another girl, whom his mother has chosen for him, that Swedheenta realizes her love of Adarsh.

And just about when Adarsh’s family has accepted her at their wedding ceremony a bomb blasts and kills one of Adarshe’s brothers, while Swadheenta’s younger brother is accused for the accident.

The second part of the series sees Swadheenta and Adarsh in court against each other searching for the truth of what has happened and trying to keep their love at the same time.

Episodes: 104

Duration: 30’

Total Hours 53



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