Love Finds a Way – Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke


Genre : romantic drama

Sparks fly when Naira’s intelligent and perceptive cousin, Mishti, meets the idealistic and carefree Abeer. But the two are blissfully unaware, making the audience root for them to acknowledge and finally fall in love … But the impediments in their path are quite a few – Abeer’s domineering mother, Meenakshi and Mishti’s greedy father – Naman etc. Coincidentally, both their fathers left them as children leading both to yearn for paternal affection in their youth. Apart from that, Mishti & Abeer are chalk and cheese. Abe er is eager to escape Meenaksh i’s control over the family, while Mishti rallies around her adoptive mother, Rajshri. A matrimonial alliance brings Abeer’s younger brother Kunal and Mishti’s younger sister Kuhu together, but Meenakshi intervenes and shrewdly chooses Mishti over Kuhu for Kunal, creating great conflict between the families.

The strategic choice leaves Kuhu heartbroken and Abeer furious. Kunal handles the situation but Mishti is aghast. Never known to take a rash decision and firmly believing that the right to choose a life partner needs to be a decision more deliberate than impulsive, Mishti argues that relation;hips are best judged when they are lived. Ard to live a relationship, one needs to explore it hrst. She requests her family and Meenakshi for a period of marital courtship before both can affirm that this is indeed the perfect relationship for them. Her request shocks the fundamentals of Meenakshi’s life, which demand an individual’s sacrifice at the altar of family’s collective good. Will Meenakshi bite the bullet or will Mishti be reined in?

Episodes: 331*

Duration: 30’

Total Hours: 145*



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