Happily Never After- Dil Se Di Dua … Saubhagyavati Bhava


Genre : family drama

“Happily Never After” is a story about the struggle of Jahnvi, who was faced with any girl’s worst fears – an over-possessive and abusive husband, Viraj. To the outside world, Viraj was suave and charming, at home he was a different man. Viraj, who had an abusive childhood, was irrationally dominating while being sweet, polite and nice. While everyone saw Viraj as the perfect ideal husband, it was only Jhanvi who knew and dealt with the manipulative and irrational side of him. Viraj was a very rich businessman of the city, and loved Jahnvi since he saw her in college before the marriage, few years ago. But Jahnvi faced extreme domestic violence and torture from him, but she still loved him and tried to change him but was unable. Jahnvi later became pregnant with Viraj’s baby and her hopes were again stirred after the pregnancy news…

Episodes: 326

Duration: 30’

Total Hours 163

Promo: https://contentsales.startv.com/content/drama/family-drama/saubhagyavati-bhava/


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