Girl In The City


Genre : youth series, web serie

Meera fought with her family in Dehradun to come to Mumbai and find her feet in the fashion industry. But her ride in the city was far from smooth. Each day was a new challenge – from finding cheap digs to handling tantrum-throwing bosses. But Meera spiritedly turns every challenge into an adventure, eventually realizing her dream ….

Just as she stepped foot in Mumbai, Meera felt an immediate affiliation for the city. But she hadn’t anticipated the challenges the city would throw at her. She was her father’s champ, because Meera never gave up. She faced each challenge with grit and gumption, turning it into an adventurous ride. From being a lowly intern in an e-commerce company to having her own signature label, Meera relies on her swag for her indomitable spirit and her best friends – Karthik and Sameera for unconditional support. But like all of us, Meera’s life also has its ups and downs. But what makes her story aspirational is that despite a fall, Meera always got her act together and made brilliant comebacks. A quirky, young and cute story about a small town girl trying to make her mark in the big city, Girl in the city, is both brimming with I excitement and nostalgia.

Episodes: 39

Duration: 15’

Total Hours 8



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