Family Secrets- Rishton Ka Chakravyuh


Genre : family drama

In a faraway palace Queen Saturupa gives birth to twins. The girl Anaami is taken away by the nurse and handed over to a Brahmin in Varanasi while the boy, Vatsalya is heir to the royal riches. An angry Anaami grows up nurturing hate for her birth mother who abandoned her.  On their 17th birthday, Vatsalya is nominated successor to the royal estate, despite the fact that his father Baldev was still alive. Baldev’s dalliances with women cost him the deal.  Baldev had an affair with Sudha through whom he has an illegitimate child. Sudha is extremely ambitious and will not rest until she claims her son’s right to ascend the throne. The other claimant to the coveted throne is Pujan – Baldev’s sharp and shrewd cousin. In a shocking twist, Vatsalya is killed and the throne is left heirless.  Just as the evil cousin and the illegitimate wife were making their claims to the throne, the truth about Anaami is revealed. Although Anaami enters the Royal Palace wanting to seek revenge, her destiny was that she was born to rule.

Episodes: 154

Duration: 30’

Total Hours 77



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