Star Crossed – Kahaan Hum, Kahaan Tum


Genre : romantic drama

Rohit and Sonakshi orbit in worlds that, seemingly, can never intersect. When they do meet by chance, they set off on the wrong foot and form bad impressions of each other. But soon, they form a deep friendship that soothes their anguished souls. Having no expectations from love, will they risk their deep friendship and fall in love?

Rohit is proverbially born with a silver spoon. The youngest cardiologist in India, is also the blue-eyed boy of his family and the heart-throb of the hospital. His ‘great life’ is just outwardly glitter, within, is a deep void of guilt – that despite his best efforts, he couldn’t save his girlfriend’s life at the operating table. Deep in coma, she has very little chance of recovery now.

Sonakshi is an actress whose Kahaani Parvati Ki, is the topmost show on TV. Despite being the sole breadwinner of her family, her siblings take her for granted. Driven by her ambitious single mother, Sonakshi drowns herself in work, in order to forget the betrayal of the toxic, hurtful relationship she was in.

As is usual, when Rohit and Sonakshi first meet, sparks don’t fly, firecrackers burst. They are quick to form judgments about each other and continue to build on them until situations, some comic, some cute, force them to peel the layers and become acquainted with the real person. Sonakshi is touched by Rohit’s intense love for his comatose girlfriend while Rohit’s heart melts when he realizes that Sonakshi is a sucker for love! A deep bond of friendship starts cementing between the two, but their hurtful past prohibits them from having too many expectations of love.

Episodes: 260

Duration: 30’

Total Hours: 130



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