In the early fall of 2019, a small boat crosses the water and the sound of its motor breaks the silence. The crew is formed by five men, each of them with a different life story and different reasons for being there. What unites them, above all, is the work that, in an ideal condition, can be worth more than the work for the rest of the year. The problem is that this year the process of salinization that makes the necessary grand fishing trip did not occur. Now, during long days, the fishermen keep working in the hopes of making a catch that can assure minimum support for their families. In the lack of big catches, these men are overcome with wait and frustration.

Original title: O Sal da Lagoa

Format: telefim

Genre: documentary

Length: 52 minutes

Development Phase: Completed

Rights Available: Worldwide Available

Unpublished film! First screening for players

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