Bacteria Filmes


Bacteria Filmes is an original content creation company, for all screens and all audiences. Founded in 2007, our mission is to create new universes and produce fantastic content, qualifying talents, seeking new technologies and innovating in production processes. Tv shows, documentaries, series, animations, short films, telefilms, feature and international co-productions are part of our catalog.

We are always in action, adapting to formats and screens to accomplish our purpose: share fascinating stories with the world


On Earth, in space or in a magical garden, in the past or in the future, Bactéria Filmes produces original content that creates new worlds.

We work with mysterious, curious, fantastic or musical, our original content explores different genres, formats and audiences. Comedy, action, suspense, musical, sci-fi, horror and fantasy.


Culture, art, fashion, design and life stories are the focus of our documentaries.

Our goal is to show the world a different, unprecedented Brazil, one that goes beyond beaches and big cities.

Our documentary series and films record and value images of popular manifestations and tensions in contemporary society.

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