WILDLIFE – Five Trumps One: The Cheetahs of the Serengeti Plain


Genre) nature/wildlife

Format) 1×52’

Synopsis) The ingrained image of the cheetah is one of a solitary hunter running as fast as 100km per hour to chase down prey. But a discovery on the plains of East Africa is turning that image on its head:  five non-related individuals living together and hunting as a pack, like lions. For the first time, cameras follow this unorthodox “brotherhood” up close to reveal the reason behind their cohabitation.


WILDLIFE — Cheetahs of Serengeti Plain http://pv-nhk-ep.com/NewsLetter/?mid=5b9a3a07000268b2f2e
WILDLIFE / The Cheetahs [Avant] http://pv-nhk-ep.com/NewsLetter/?mid=5b9a3a0700023328e02


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