Genre) Anime

Format) 26×24’

Synopsis) After advancing into the vast universe, humans established a Federation of interstellar city-states. But the age of the all powerful Federation does not last as long as everyone believed it would.  A clan named Tytania breaks away and succeeds in usurping supremacy. Then, course of history begins to take yet another huge turn in the era of Tytania’s 8th commander Ajumahn, when a clash with a city-state of the Federation named Eulia results in an unexpected defeat for Duke Aliabert. One of the heads of the five Tytania families loses at the hands of an unknown genius strategist, Van Gulik.

Thus begins the monstrous struggle over who will next rule the universe.

Based on the super-hit science fiction of the same title, the “space opera” finally comes alive in an animated series!

TYTANIA [Epi.4] http://pv-nhk-ep.com/NewsLetter/?mid=5b9a3a070001a7501c7
TYTANIA [PR music only] http://pv-nhk-ep.com/NewsLetter/?mid=5b9a3a070001a903f6d


Chie Muto | Contents Distribution 

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T: +81-3-3468-6984 | E: muto-ch@nhk-ep.co.jp

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