Princess Atsu


Genre) Drama Series (period)

Format) Pilot (60’) + 48×44’ + Finale(70’)

Synopsis) This saga of Princess Atsu is set in 19th century Japan, in the waning years of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The power of the last Shogun is dwindling, and a growing movement seeks to restore actual sovereignty to the Imperial Throne. In the midst of what history will identify as the end of samurai society, Princess Atsu is born to an influential samurai family in the provincial domain of Satsuma. Elevated suddenly to prominence when she marries the Shogun at age 21, in a year and a half Princess Atsu is a widow. Her family’s hereditary domain takes up the Imperial cause and advances upon the Shogunate’s castle in Edo (present-day Tokyo.) But Princess Atsu and the 1,000 female retainers remaining in the castle surrender peacefully. They successfully navigate the shoals of a strictly male-dominated society. In the role of the Princess: Aoi Miyazaki, one of Japan’s top young actresses. This program has attracted a great deal of interest, consistently ranking within the top 5 most watched programs according to weekly ratings in Japan.


Princess Atsu [Trailer]
Princess Atsu [01]
Princess Atsu [20]


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