Colourcloud Palace


Genre) Anime

Format) 2 seasons -78×25’ (39 eps per season)

Synopsis) The setting is an imaginary country modeled after China. Shirley, the daughter of a distinguished but poor family, dreams of becoming a civil servant. Luckily, she is put in charge of educating the newly enthroned king, and the door to a whole new world opens up. A captivating adventure starts to unfold in the king’s dazzling palace. Stories of Shirley’s romances with the king and with the king’s elder brother, the sordid power games of the men in the court, and other thrilling episodes draw us into their spectacular world. This animation is based on a novel that is highly popular among high school students, and targets teenagers and adults.

Colourcloud Palace 1 [Epi.1]


Chie Muto | Contents Distribution 

NHK Enterprises, Inc | 4-14 Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0047

T: +81-3-3468-6984 | E:

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