Bearman of Hokkaido


Genre) human stories

Format) 1×49’

Synopsis) Do men’s livelihoods have a place in the wild?

Hokkaido’s Shiretoko Peninsula was registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage in 2005. Here, Hatsusaburo Ose, 84, fishes salmon as he has done for 56 years. The area, called Rusha, is also home to one of the world’s highest populations of brown bears. Mr. Ose has an odd relationship with these wild animals — when one approaches, he simply yells at them to go away. The bears obey without making a fuss, and no fisherman has suffered a bear attack in the last 50 years. But then in 2019, experts who advise UNESCO tell Mr. Ose to return Rusha to its natural state. Must the fishermen’s livelihoods and their relationship with the bears be sacrificed? A film spanning 10 years that touches on the question of man and nature.



Chie Muto | Contents Distribution 

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