Awaiting Kirin


Genre) Drama Series (period)

Format) Pilot (78’) + 45×43’

Synopsis) The Beast of Peace shall reign.

In the 16th century, Japan was still fragmented and at war, with famed warlords wrestling for land and power. Akechi Mitsuhide is born into this world as heir to a minor lord. But as he is groomed to become a military commander, Mitsuhide yearns for nothing but peace. One day during his travels to Kyoto, the words of a young girl move him deeply: when is the Kirin coming? Kirin was the divine creature from Chinese mythology that brings peace on earth. As he strives for a world upon which the Kirin would descend, young Mitsuhide grows to become a hero in his own right.


Awaiting Kirin [Trailer EN]
Awaiting Kirin [Ep01]


Chie Muto | Contents Distribution 

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