An Artist of the Floating World


Genre) TV Movie

Format) 1×89’

Synopsis) Who can tell where the lines are drawn?

Japan, a few years after the end of the Second World War — Masuji Ono is an ageing painter of considerable renown, and retired life in his lavish mansion unfolds peacefully — on the surface. But this seeming tranquility is broken when he is told that his youngest daughter’s marriage talks broke down because of his past. Yes, though he doesn’t like to discuss it, Masuji played a willing part in a country going to war, betraying his teacher, colleagues, and friends. But so what of it? Masuji’s pride surges at the affront. Can a person be blamed for becoming caught up in the tides of history? As Masuji traces his past by visiting acquaintances, he discovers that memory is ephemeral, shape-shifting and incomplete.

Starring Ken Watanabe, this dramatization of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel of the same title brings to the screen in stunning 8K the dream-like, floating world of memories and a man’s difficult journey to face his past, against the backdrop of a country gradually rebuilding after the war.


An Artist of the Floating World [PR]
An Artist of the Floating World


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