Marvin & Donut


Genre: Action Comedy

Runtime: 26 x 22’

Production: Development

Imagine a world where alongside the normal items that are part of our everyday meals and snacks, there are walking, talking foods with humanoid forms!

Donuts, Frankfurters, Ice Creams and Pizza: foods of all kinds are perfectly integrated members of the community who coexist with people, plants and animals.

However, one terrible day the evil Hamburger and his army of Savoury Foods seize power and declare war on all Sweet Foods!

Biscuits, Cakes, Muffins and Sweet Treats of all kinds suddenly find themselves in a hostile world where they are persecuted and forced to hide from the tyrannical new rulers.

Nonetheless, there is still hope: a wise old Waffle organizes a small, clandestine group of Sweets to turn the tide of the war.

They are joined by Marvin, an average guy who suddenly finds himself shouldered with the huge responsibility of saving the Sweets from extinction. Together, they will go on countless exciting, amusing adventures in search of the “HOLY SLICE”: the last remaining piece of Sachertorte. It is an extremely powerful relic that with its huge amount of calories, in the right hands, it can restore the harmony between Sweet and Savoury Foods and usher in a new era of peace.


Target: Looking for Financiers, Producers

Contact person:

Mr. Seyed Taha Moghaddampour — Business Development Manager

Mobile: 0098 912 3857439


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