Juliet And The King


Genre: Musical Comedy

Runtime: 90 minutes

Production: Early production

Naser Al-Din Shah, a Qajar king, receives an invitation from European Council. With the encouragement of his top General, the King decides to take the trip. While in France, the King goes to see “Romeo and Juliet,” in theatre, where he finds himself thoroughly mesmerized by Juliet, played by Julie, an ambitious acting student who desperately wants to gain fame.  In order to get to know Julie better, the King devises a scheme to bring the whole cast of “Romeo and Juliet” to Iran, to perform in Tehran. Julie accepts the offer, thinking this would help her career.  Instead, she finds herself caught up in the middle of the King’s affection and the jealousy of his numerous court ladies. This comic animated feature tells a story of love, friendship, and self-reflection.

JULIET AND THE KING is a loose adaptation of the 19th century socio-political and artistic setting of Qajar era. This musical comedy romance is not factual, but based on the Qajar King’s colourful personality, his numerous trips to France, as well as, Iranian-French diplomatic relations.  The screenwriter of this animated feature has utilized the following elements to depict this humorous and romantic story.

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