Genre: Educational

Technic: VR

Runtime: 6 Minutes

Production: Completed

A student, one day, asks around the class for water; however, none is left. Questions then arise among his classmates about what would happen if the water runs out.

Students come to the conclusion that water can be produced and start to express some new idea regarding to this hypothesis, including a device that crushes everything we pour into it and takes its water, or a hat that absorbs human thoughts and turns them into water and the like.

Eventually, the students’ ideas turn into a cloud and the rain starts.

H2ope is a pure experiment illustrated according to children’s point of view about the thirst and water shortage.

Target: looking for buyer

Contact person:

Mr. Seyed Taha Moghaddampour — Business Development Manager

Mobile: 0098 912 3857439

Email: t.mgh@hoorakhshstudios.com

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