Dragon’s Treasure


Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Runtime: 90 minutes

Production: Development

Hundreds of years ago, in the undergrounds, the land of waters, a young beautiful wizard, and a handsome prince fell in love with each other. But unfortunately, the prince decided to follow his father’s “the king” orders and married another girl. The wizard got mad and put a powerful spell on the undergrounds and the center of it, the tree town. The prince turned to a two-head conjoined dragon with two different personalities. The Wizard made a key out of her heart, which was the only way to undo the spell and release imprisoned waters. But the key is even hidden from her so that it could never be done.

Now, hundreds of years later, an eight-year-old girl named SAYEH from upper grounds (the place that we all live) loses her mother, and the only memento that she’s got is her neckless. She asks her Mima about a story, and she tells her the story of dragon treasure. She gets curious and asks one of the village boys called IRAJ about the story and what he knows about it.

Target: looking for Sales agents, Producers

Contact person:

Mr. Seyed Taha Moghaddampour — Business Development Manager

Mobile: 0098 912 3857439

Email: t.mgh@hoorakhshstudios.com

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