True Dubbing localization studio


True Dubbing is a full-cycle localization studio. For several years we have been working with the TV channels Paramount Comedy, MTV, Spike, Paramount Channel, Nickelodeon. Over 8 years of work we have voiced more than 2000 hours of turnkey content for our clients. In our database there are about 100 voices. We employ 12 directors and sound engineers, and work with the best translators of our country. Therefore, our customers trust us to localize complex content, for example, comedies, where it is important to accurately convey the essence of the scene, while making it understandable for your viewer in Russia. Examples of our work can be found below.

How can we help you?

  • We can translate, lypsinc and voice a film in 48 hours after receiving the material;
  • We have a flexible pricing policy. You can quickly calculate the cost of your project in our telegram bot: @TrueDub_bot
  • Free samples for your projects. 3-4 various voices for each role.
  • TV quality and preservation of 95% of the original meaning and humor;
  • Voice acting for promo of your projects – free.

More information about our projects and reviews of our clients can be found on our website: – TV series, – videogames.

+7 (926) 536-42-98 – Mikhail.

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