The Bamboo Bridge


Title: The Bamboo Bridge (Original title: A Ponte de Bambu)

Genre: Documentary Feature – Social

Documentary | 75 minutes

Directed by Marcelo Machado

Production Company: MMTV, Globo Filmes

Synopsis: Brazilian journalist Jayme Martins and his family report their unique experiences in a period of rare access to foreigners in Chinese territory, revealing what it was like to live in Communist China after the 1960s, to witness Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution and the Tiananmen Square massacre, to experience on a daily basis the economic reform that led to the economic superpower. Seventy years after the Communist Revolution and 30 years after the Tiananmen Square massacre, award-winning director Marcelo Machado delves into Jayme’s memories and travels to China, where he also has affectionate connections.

Highlights: Starring renowned Brazilian journalist Jayme Martins; World première at It’s All True Documentary Festival 2020; From the director of “Tropicália”, selected to over 15 festivals around the globe including Telluride Film Festival

Contact information: Elo Company, Sabrina Nudeliman Wagon (

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