Thapki Pyar Ki (The Girl Who Stammers)


Thapki, which means a nudging pat on the back, is the story of a girl– who is beautiful, bright and intelligent, but she stammers while speaking and requires to be nudged every time she gets stuck. Thus she gets named Thapki. She, however, like all other girls – dreams of her wedding day and a successful career as a TV anchor.

Jilted by the groom on her marriage day as he doesn’t want a wife who stammers, Thapki’s dreams are shattered. She now decides to move on and gets a job as an intern in a very prestigious NEWS channel. Who does she meet there? What additional storms will she face in life because of her speech infliction?

Category:  Family / Social

Production Year: 2015- 2017

Episodes: 704 X 30’

Season 1: 1 – 450

Season 2: 451 – 704   


Debkumar Dasgupta
SVP & Business Head – ME & Africa and Global Syndication Sales
+91 9819600032

Bhavishya Rao
Associate Director — Syndication
+91 9820185478

Lasya Chand
Assistant Manager — Syndication
+91 9769559691


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