Kesarri Nandan (Kesarri – A Wrestling Prodigy)


Hanumant Singh is a staunch patriarch who teaches wrestling in his village. He is a man who believes that men and women have set roles in the society and must remain confined to them. He has but one dream – train his son to win the gold medal in Olympics.

But what happens when instead of his son, his daughter Kesari, takes it on her to fulfil his father’s dream? Can a little girl like Kesari give equal fight to the boys in the wrestling arena and prove to her father once and for all and challenge mindsets along the way.

Category: Family Drama

Production Year: 2019

Episodes: 142 X 30’

(Ep:1-10 x 60’ + Ep:11-142 x 30’)


Debkumar Dasgupta
SVP & Business Head – ME & Africa and Global Syndication Sales
+91 9819600032

Bhavishya Rao
Associate Director — Syndication
+91 9820185478

Lasya Chand
Assistant Manager — Syndication
+91 9769559691


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