Ishq Ka Rang Safed (White Is The Colour Of My Love)


Ishq Ka Rang Safed is set amidst the traditional old city of Banaras in Northern India. Biplab is the carefree, spoilt grandson of the town leader who is slated to go abroad for his law studies. His life takes an abrupt turn when he encounters Dhaani.

Dhaani, a young widow leading a life of dignity abiding by her ‘dharma’ is a conformist, yet a strong-minded individual. Will Dhaani give herself a second chance at happiness? Does Biplab’s love break through the boundaries and walls built by society, religion & ancient tradition?

Category:  Family / Romance

Production Year: 2016 -2017

Episodes: 341 X 30’


Debkumar Dasgupta
SVP & Business Head – ME & Africa and Global Syndication Sales
+91 9819600032

Bhavishya Rao
Associate Director — Syndication
+91 9820185478

Lasya Chand
Assistant Manager — Syndication
+91 9769559691


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