Gathbandhan (The Odd Couple)


Gathbandhan explores the extraordinary love story of two contrasting personalities – a Gujarati girl, Dhanak, an honest, upright individual who has the zeal to become an Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer and a Marathi gangster, Raghu, son of Savitri Bai Jadhav, a Bollywood fan with no aim.

Under the watchful eye of his mother Savitri, Raghu takes over the family business of extortion; unknown to Dhanak; a fearless woman who holds ethical and moral values supreme. As the two enter the bond of matrimony, a conflict of epic proportions ensues between Savitri and her new daughter-in-law. Will Raghu be influenced by his paramour or will their love succumb to the manipulations of his controlling mother?

Category:  Romance/ Family Drama

Production Year: 2019

Episodes: 224 X 30’


Debkumar Dasgupta
SVP & Business Head – ME & Africa and Global Syndication Sales
+91 9819600032

Bhavishya Rao
Associate Director — Syndication
+91 9820185478

Lasya Chand
Assistant Manager — Syndication
+91 9769559691


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