Length: 10.000 + episodes x 75’
Genre: Quiz Show

Contestants try to guess 14 words with the least amount of help possible to get the most points. With each letter being worth 100 points, contestants have to solve words with more letters each round, starting with 4 letter-words and solving up to 10 letter-words in the finale.

Are you willing to take a risky guess and go for all or nothing?

Or are you going to play it safe and reveal a couple of letters to help you out even if it means getting fewer points?

Contestants have 4 minutes to reach the final 10-letter word and they should be careful with how they use it. Time is of the essence. When the final scores are tied, the only thing that can save you is time!

Five contestants fight their way to the top every day. Those who succeed, get to compete against each other at the end of the week. And the winner of each week gets into a battle of words at the end of the month for the grand cash prize!

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